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Inside the brain: A lifetime of change

Knowable Magazine and Annual Reviews present a series of online events and science journalism exploring how the latest neuroscience research can help us thrive across the lifespan. Watch replays of the live events, held in the spring of 2023, and explore other resources on each topic.

The baby brain: Learning in leaps and bounds

VIDEO: Learn how the baby brain changes from gestation to toddlerhood, and what parents, teachers and policymakers can do to ensure kids are set up for success

The teen brain: Mysteries and misconceptions

VIDEO: Join a conversation about the teenage brain’s strengths and vulnerabilities, how adults can support teenagers with mental health issues, and how teens can help one another

The mature mind: Aging resiliently

VIDEO: Connect with brain health experts about the best ways to cultivate resilience as we age, and how to support loved ones with memory loss and dementia

Zooming in on the brains of babies

New tools are helping neuroscientists investigate why early life is such a crucial time for neural development

Teens can have excellent executive function — just not all the time

Adolescents’ brains are highly capable, if inconsistent, during this critical age of exploration and development. They are also acutely tuned into rewards.

Emotions get better with age

As people grow older, they gain greater control of their feelings. How do they do that — and can they teach young whippersnappers a thing or two?

The series “Inside the brain: A lifetime of change” is supported by a grant from the Dana Foundation, a private philanthropic organization dedicated to advancing neuroscience and society.

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